We have a story to tell

At Uhrskov Studio, we're reshaping the beauty landscape with a clear mission: to make luxury skincare accessible and sustainable for all. Our innovative approach to skincare is designed to empower and include, with a vision to democratize beauty and ensure that people with physical impairments can enjoy autonomy in their beauty routines. The tactile packaging and integrated NFC technology we've introduced are more than just features; they're our commitment to inclusivity and environmental responsibility.
Founders Marie Louise and Maria have woven their passion for sustainability and inclusivity into every product, creating a brand that stands at the forefront of the eco-luxury movement.

Be part of a brand that believes in beauty without barriers, where every product is a step towards a more inclusive and sustainable world.


Meet the founders

Marie Louise and Maria, the founders of Uhrskov Studio, weave a story of passion, expertise, and complementary contrasts. Marie Louise, with her roots as a freelance makeup artist and experience with Danish skincare brand Tromborg, brings a deep understanding of skin health and the magic of ingredients. Her outward-facing charisma and knack for sales light up our brand's presence. Maria, the strategic mind behind our sustainability endeavors, thrives in the backdrop, crafting the framework of our eco-conscious vision. Together, their synergy—Marie Louise's vibrant engagement with the world and Maria's thoughtful, behind-the-scenes orchestration—embodies the essence of Uhrskov Studio: innovative, sustainable, and irresistibly human.


Marie Louise

Marie Louise's journey into the heart of the beauty industry is a testament to passion and resilience. From the early days spent absorbed in YouTube tutorials by icons like Michelle Phan and Lisa Eldridge, her path was set towards a deep love for makeup and skincare. This passion was further ignited at Sine Ginsborg's makeup artistry school, a time that not only honed her skills but also introduced her to the complexities of skincare, a field she dove into as her own skin began to challenge her in ways it never had before.

Her tenure at Tromborg, was more than a job; it was a pivotal chapter in her education in beauty, deepening her appreciation for natural ingredients and plant extracts. Marie Louise credits much of her knowledge and perspective on skincare to Tromborg's teachings, which emphasized the potent benefits of nature in beauty products.

However, it was Marie Louise's personal battle with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and the consequent impact on her vision that truly shaped Uhrskov Studio's mission. Struggling to read ingredient lists on products, she recognized a gap in the beauty market: accessibility. Her experience underscored a broader issue: how challenging the beauty world can be for those with impairments. With Uhrskov Studio, Marie Louise aims to bridge this gap, combining her love for natural skincare with an innovative approach to product design that ensures everyone, regardless of physical ability, can experience the joy and empowerment of quality skincare.

Marie Louise's vision for Uhrskov Studio is a reflection of her journey — a blend of personal challenges, professional experiences, and a relentless passion for beauty that is inclusive, sustainable, and deeply rooted in the power of natural ingredients.


Maria's story at Uhrskov Studio is one of passion, expertise, and a deep commitment to sustainability. Growing up with a profound respect for nature, her educational journey honed a keen understanding of how to cherish and protect our environment. This foundation laid the groundwork for her critical role at Uhrskov Studio, where she drives the brand's sustainability efforts with a clear vision and unwavering dedication.

Maria's journey to Uhrskov Studio began with a shared vision with co-founder Marie Louise. Intrigued by the challenge of infusing structural sustainability into the beauty industry — a sector notorious for its environmental footprint — Maria saw an opportunity to make a real difference. Her expertise in marketing and strategy, coupled with a personal passion for sustainable living, made her an ideal partner in this innovative venture. Together, they embarked on a mission to transform the beauty landscape, prioritizing transparency, ethical sourcing, and minimizing waste.

Behind the scenes, Maria's strategic acumen and dedication to environmental stewardship have become invaluable assets to Uhrskov Studio. Her approach to marketing is not just about promoting products; it's about communicating the brand's core values and driving change. By integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into every facet of the business, Maria ensures that Uhrskov Studio's commitments to sustainability and inclusivity are more than just words—they're actions that define the brand and its impact on the world.

Maria's contributions go beyond strategy. Her behind-the-scenes support and expertise in navigating the complexities of sustainable product development and ethical sourcing are pivotal in maintaining Uhrskov Studio's integrity and vision. With Maria at the helm of sustainability efforts, Uhrskov Studio not only offers luxury skincare but also champions a future where beauty and responsibility go hand in hand.